Sortie the priest... un petit timbre de voix rappelant  Kate Tempest

Johnny Marr has teamed up with the award-winning actor Maxine Peake to create a new project which sets Peake’s spoken word performances to Marr’s instrumental soundscapes. ‘The Priest’ is based upon the characters that Joe Gallagher met on the streets in the first few days after becoming homeless in Edinburgh. Gallagher wrote a diary of his experiences for the Big Issue under the pseudonym James Campbell when he first became homeless in May 2015 and continued until he found a new home in March 2016.

Inspiré par les écrits et les portraits de sdf de l'écossais Joe Gallagher qui devint "homeless" à Édimbourg en 2015, le texte de The Priest claque sur le spoken word crépusculaire de Maxine Peake, les riffs inquiétants de Marr et une rythmique hip hop pesante. Johnny Marr & Maxine Peake devraient sortir un album courant 2018.

This short film was filmed in Manchester and features Molly Windsor in the lead role. ‘The Priest’ will be followed by the release of Johnny Marr’s third solo album in the spring of 2018.

Music. Johnny Marr
Voice.  Maxine Peake
Starring  Molly Windsor
Directed by Mat Bancroft and Johnny Marr
Written by Johnny Marr, Maxine Peake and Joe Gallagher   



Kate Tempest